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Valentine’s Day activities at So Flo Marketplace using materials
formerly known as ‘trash’.
  • When you donate to Friends of Spare Parts dba Spare Parts YOU help us empower citizens to reduce landfill tonnage through reuse and environmental accountability.
  • Through programming, education and physical development, Spare Parts strives to educate all in the practice of sustainability.
  • How can the community come together to reduce and reuse the use of single-use plastic and other materials? How can we attain zero waste? How can creative activities at schools, with crafters and artists, teach the incorporation of preloved materials that would otherwise be thrown away? How can we help change consumerism to include ‘make, thrift, repair and borrow’?
  • These are the areas in which Spare Parts collaborates with many organizations and environmentally-geared projects in the San Antonio community and beyond.
  • Be a part of our mission and journey to zero waste by donating now.
So you have materials you want to donate. Here’s our handy chart.