Amy Jones is an artist and educator who has been living in San Antonio with her family for the past 20 years. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jones attended Oregon State University and University of Oregon, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Art for Visual Design. Growing up in a large family in the 1970’s and 1980’s, thriftiness and imagination was inspired by the likes of Jim Henson, Shel Silverstein and her family. A self taught fiber artist, she is so happy to have found Spare Parts, whose educational goals parallel her mission of creative reuse and art for all.

Audrya Flores is an educator, artist and mother from Brownsville, Texas. She earned her BA in Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio and her Montessori certification through North American Montessori Center. For the last decade, Flores has encouraged elementary students to explore core subjects through the arts as well as recognize themselves as stewards of nature.

As an artist, she repurposes discarded items and organic material for her assemblage work and installations. In her free time, Flores can be found exploring the magic of nature with her son in their garden or browsing tacky vintage clothing at thrift shops. Flores loves being part of the Spare Parts team! It gives her the opportunity to facilitate creative expression in children while promoting awareness of our responsibility to the planet.

Christina Torres
Making Fiesta Medals at 5th Friday Mixer Carver Community Cultural Center

Daniel Flores is a true Texan and has been an art educator for over eight years.  Flores attended the University of Texas San Antonio and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in drawing.  Flores preferred mediums are drawing and paintings to include portraits, landscapes and costume or personal pieces.  He enjoys attending and being a part of  the art scene around San Antonio including volunteering and exhibiting artwork.  He joined the Spare Parts team in 2017 because he believes in its mission and values of connecting with the community to provide education of creative reuse. 

Lauren Martinez

Laurel Bodinus has been an artist and art educator around San Antonio for almost three decades.  She has been teaching in the Young Artist Programs of the Southwest School of Art for 20+ years and has been involved with Spare Parts since its inception. She loves encouraging kids of all ages to let their imaginations lead them into artsy adventures.

Bodinus has raised two “reasonable humans,” lives in the southeast side of San Antonio, likes to bake fancy sculpted cakes and play records for her friends. Sometimes she drags her records out and DJs at art openings. Two years ago she built a 26-foot long dragon puppet for a local production of “Shrek.”

Her time as a theater costumer taught her how to make cool stuff out of almost nothing with not much budget…and she loves working with Spare Parts because “their reuse/recycle philosophy helps bring MORE art to MORE kids all over our city!”

Olivia Hinojosa works and lives in San Antonio, Texas. She studied at Emerson College in Boston, MA, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Post-Production. As a resident of the EastPoint Public Art Residency Program in 2017 lead by Mary Elizabeth Cantu, she was nationally recognized, along with fellow residents, by Americans for the Arts for her work on a Time Capsule at the the former Wheatley Middle School. She began her journey with Spare Parts as an intern for the Mini Art Museum in 2016, becoming a Spare Parts educator the following year. She believes deeply in the power of art as expression and the mission of accessibility and reusability that Spare Parts promotes. She currently works as a Visitor Relations Associate at Artpace.