History, Mission and Vision


The concept behind Friends of Spare Parts dba Spare Parts was developed in 2010 by Founder and Executive Director, Mary Elizabeth Cantú, as a response to the lack of arts funds and resources in PreK-12 classrooms.

In 2018 Spare Parts became a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization through the Friends of Spare Parts.  Spare Parts believes partnership and programs centered on creative reuse practice builds smart, lasting and win/win initiatives. Professional Development Program (RE-Edu), Creative Reuse Education Program (RE-Mix), Spare Parts Exhibitions/Long-term projects (RE-Create) are a few of the creative reuse focused programs and resources offered regularly.  As a result, Spare Parts is creating a pathways to reducing landfill tonnage.

Spare Parts inspires and supports the growing San Antonio creative community and our classrooms through environmental accountability. Sustainability, affordability and accessibility to the arts through reuse education is paramount.


We advance reuse and sustainability through creativity and the arts.


To support cultural and environmental sustainability;
to provide affordability and accessibility to the arts;
to offer community education;
and to foster creativity, green-style.


To increase reuse and sustainable practices. Through programing, education and physical development, Spare Parts empowers citizens to reduce landfill tonnage through reuse and environmental accountability.