With Flag Day happening on Friday (June 14), we looked inside our craft arsenal as well as Spare Parts closets to find some items to make a no/low cost flag. Our trusty founder and executive director, Mary Elizabeth Cantú, gifted us some canvas material as well as some magnetic letters, and we found some leftover fabric paint to create a unique flag to hang up in any room.

My son is slightly obsessed with the PBS Kids program, Let’s Go Luna, so I decided to make a moon flag (which is also fitting because the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing happens July 20–we’ll have another moon-themed activity for y’all then, too).

We gathered our materials and went outside to arrange the items and spray our paint. My little guy loves being outside, but paint still freaks him out so unfortunately, it was a solo activity. I grabbed the top of a bucket, placed some rocks along the edges of my canvas, and arranged my magnet letters, and then used what little fabric spray I had in my bottles. My son would come up every now and then to check on my progress and bring me more rocks. Even though he didn’t help with the spraying he did assist with the process, and I was happy to say was pretty excited about the end result (even though this picture may not show his true feelings).

We worked on this project on a slightly windy day so I’d advise to plan ahead and grab rocks or even bricks to secure your fabric down. We hung our flag out overnight to dry, and in the morning it was good to hang in his room. I had previously worked on a similar project and used tote bags, which worked just as good (we just had to include a cardboard insert inside the bag so the paint wouldn’t seep into the other side).

We’re two projects into our #CreativeReuseTuesday adventures, and we’ve spent no money whatsoever. We’re gathering items that we already had in our closet, and just thinking creatively on how to give them new life. Check back every Tuesday for a new #CreativeReuseTuesday project!

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