Give a kid a box, and they’ll be occupied for hours. Seriously. My son enjoys anything we’re just about to toss in the recycling bin — milk jugs, water bottles, cereal boxes. But you give him a cardboard box, and you’re his best friend for life.

We recently picked up the board book, Let’s Go, Ted!, and the book follows toddler Ted as he imagines all the different things he can do with a cardboard box. From a speedy race car, a yellow digger, a shiny submarine, and more, Ted’s imagination takes him from underwater to into the air. I like to think giving my son recycled items to play with is exercising his imaginative muscles and making him think creatively. 

One of my son’s favorite boxes he likes to play with is a box we received in the mail. It blends two of his current favs — boxes and the postal service. He’s obsessed with the logo of the United States Postal Service so we grabbed some crayons and created a robot. We’ve had the box for almost a year now, and it’s still in good shape. He runs around making “beep, boop, beep” sound effects, as he pretends to toggle through the drawn on knobs and buttons.  

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