Thanks to Joseph Nerio, Friends of Spare Parts Board Member

Everyone has that item of clothing they no longer use but just can’t bare to throw away. The pants that fit just right but no longer “fit” with “the adult” you became. That one shirt that looked good in the store and a few months later still has the tags. That old t-shirt you bought at that concert, the one you wore day after day for almost a month, maybe longer. The band is no longer relevant but now you can wear it ironically, hiding the fact that you still sing along to the Backstreet Boys on your way to work … just me?

Its hard to get rid of clothing sometimes. Most people either store it away in their closet for years or pack it away in a chest, waiting for fashion trends to circle back around. Others will donate their items to a local thrift store or try their luck at a consignment store, but the value you put to these items is hard to match and the fact is you’re still left having to refill your wardrobe.

The most environmentally friendly option that has been gaining a lot of traction over the past few years is the “Clothes Swap”, a small party where people bring valued but no longer used clothing and exchange them for a few items brought in by another participant. Yes, its great for the environment, but for the overly sentimental person having a hard time getting rid of “fabric memories”, it almost becomes a kind of support group easing you into the next phase of your fashion maturity. Everyone in attendance is going through the same experience, and everyone there is walking away with an amazing new piece to refill their wardrobe.

Of course, sustainability is at the heart of any clothes swap party so naturally Spare Parts, the champion of reuse and sustainability, is holding its first ever Clothes Swap. If you’re ready to “re-home” some of those pieces in the back of your closet then gather a reusable bag, a treasure hunting spirit and your old favorites with you. Not only will you walk away with something gently used and awesome, you will be one more person fighting for the environment and promoting sustainability. Time and location to be announced soon.


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