Clothes Swap

The most environmentally friendly option that has been gaining a lot of traction over the past few years is the “Clothes Swap”, a small party where people bring valued but no longer used clothing and exchange them for a few items brought in by another participant.

Tips for Reducing Food Waste

During the pandemic I became more aware of how I stored my food to maximize its shelf life. As we all know a lot of grocery stores were low on food so I made an effort to make sure I put to use every single piece of food I bought.

Earth Day 2021—Restore our Earth

Every now and then, I think about this particular scene in “The Graduate,” a 1967 film with Dustin Hoffman. “One...

Food Scraps: Waste or Resource

We throw away 30-40% of our food, 133 billion pounds worth $161 billion, every year. That’s bad!

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Dear friend of Spare Parts,When Swedish activist Greta Thunberg traveled to the United NationsClimate Action Summit in New York she...