If you read Sustainably Amber’s post on Tips for Reducing Food Waste, you might be in the market for eco-friendly grocery shopping. Amber has collated some excellent tips just for you!

Always keep your reusable bags in your vehicle – that way you will never forget them. For those times you do forget them try to opt for brown bags. (Brown bags are great for wrapping paper too!)

Some stores like Sprouts Farmers Market will even give you money back for bringing your own bags. Opt for the little plastic produce bags, just go without or bring your own reusable mesh bags. Your bananas probably don’t need a plastic bag.

Central Market HEB and Sprouts are bulk heaven! Rice, coffee, snacks even spices. 

Bulk sunscreen anyone? Check out the cutest trolley train refill in San Antonio called Earthen Market. They will tare weight your own jar for some fun in the sun! They also have lots of other bulk choices including liquid soaps. 

Looking for refillable shampoo and conditioner in bulk? Check out ReUp Station or Wong’s Bodega. They carry Plaine Products shampoo which you can refill with your own container. 


Always have a reusable take out container with you when going out to eat. You’ll avoid getting those pesky plastic go to containers and it often strikes up a conversation! 

Opt for cardboard packaging instead of plastic if possible. Sometimes it’s even cheaper! 

Buc-ees even has compostable kitchen scrubbers grown from loofahs. A great gift for anyone and brightens up your kitchen. 

Do the best you can, plastic is unavoidable sometimes. I always save my plastic film and dispose of properly at many stores throughout San Antonio (HEB, Target, Walmart)  https://www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/recycling-bags-and-wraps/find-drop-off-location/


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