Submitted by Compost Queens Saving the Earth, One Bucket at a Time Returning Food Waste to the Earth Instead of Landfills

We throw away 30-40% of our food, 133 billion pounds worth $161 billion, every year. That’s bad! What’s worse is what happens next: it goes to landfills where it emits methane, a strong greenhouse gas. Actually, the amount of methane emitted by food waste would be equal to the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, after China and the US.

Our soil is a living ecosystem that requires food, air and water, just like you and me. Without the proper nutrients the soil cannot get the proper amount of air and water and begins to die. Depleted soil , or dirt, cannot grow healthy plants to feed healthy animals and people. It adversely affects the earth’s water and atmosphere in innumerable ways.

Food scraps , put back into the soil instead of a landfill, are not only much needed, but an invaluable, never ending resource that feeds the soil which then feeds us and all living beings. Soil that is fed organic matter is healthy and full of life. This life plays a major role in keeping our environment clean and balanced. Healthy soil, filters and retains water. It sequesters carbon out of the atmosphere. It works to make the minerals in the soil accessible to plants. In short, if we had healthy soil, we would have a healthy planet.

Healthy food does not need chemical pesticides because it has a well established immune system. Food that is grown in healthy soil does not need chemical fertilizers because it has all of the biological and mineral nutrients it needs. The answer to many of our environmental and health problems is as simple as returning the food we don’t eat to the soil where it was grown. Let’s work with Mother Nature, not against her and help build a more regenerative world!


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